Call for Speakers

Become a Speaker at the Worldwide Event Greece
OCTOBER 16th 2021 @ BEYOND-Thessaloniki Innovation Capital
HELEXPO Exhibition Centre
  • STARTUP competition
  • INNOVATION key driver

There is no creation of a global innovative network without idea-sharing.

Upskilling and reskilling have acquired an extreme value in recent years - especially during the pandemic crisis - as they are a way to mobilize existing talents and improve adaptability in an ever changing world.

Training sessions have long been WMF’s core initiatives during every WMF’s event, ranging from Digital Marketing to Cybersecurity, Earth Observation, Fashion, Sustainability and many more, to always deliver up-to-date training to event participants.

The main purpose is to foster knowledge-sharing among people and realities coming from different contexts, focusing on innovation, the digital realm, the ever-growing central role of new technologies yet several societal needs such as accessibility, gender-equity, legality, and many more.

This is why also WMF Worldwide Event Greece will host inspiring speakers that want to share meaningful contents, professional experiences, cutting-edge researches or projects that might contribute to the creation of a better future.

The Call for Speakers is now open, sign up to contribute in the sharing of knowledge. 

NB: Speeches must be educational, they cannot be promotional and cannot be presented at other events. For any further information, please contact us at or call +39 051 0951294


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